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John Butt, The Industrial Archaeology of Scotland (1967)

A List of Ayrshire Entries in the Gazeteer

Note that some of the features listed will have been lost since publication of Butt's book.  He noted that a few were missing at the time of publication.


Ardrossan Dalry Kilmarnock Burgh Newmilns and Greenholm Burgh
Auchinleck Darvel Kilwinning Landward Ochiltree
Ayr Dreghorn Kirkmichael Old Cumnock Landward
Ayr Landward Dunlop Largs Burgh Saltcoats Burgh
Beith Fenwick Loudoun Sorn
Colmonell Galston Landward Mauchline Stewarton Burgh
Coylton Girvan Burgh Maybole Burgh Stewarton Landward
Cumnock and Holmhead Girvan Landward Maybole Landward Symington
Dailly Irvine Burgh Muirkirk Troon
Dalmellington Kilbirnie New Cumnock West Kilbride




Port and Harbour.

Custom House.

Old Power Station.


Harbour; wet dock (NS 333228); warehouses (NS 335223).

Railway station 1840 (NS 333228).

'Auld Brig' (NS 339221).

Tannery (NS 341217).

Brewery (NS 340219.

Victoria Mills 1886 (NS 336225).

Ayr Landward

Alloway Mill (NS 324187).

Coal tramway, Auchincruive to harbour.


Lugar ironworks village 1846; foundry/church (NS 592213).

Lugar workmen's institute 1892.

Darconner village (NS 577240).

Bello Mill, birthplace of William Murdoch (NS 588216).


Giffen Mill (NS 369514).

Coldstream Mill (NS 385544).

Extensive lime working in parish.

Lyonshields lime kiln (NS 374538).

Giffen lime quarry (NS 378508).

Lime kiln (NS 364507).

Giffenmill railway viaduct (NS 367511).

Gree railway viaduct (NS 399513).


Lime kilns near Borgang Farm (NX 117857).

Water of Assel railway viaduct (NX 201911).


Millmannoch mill (NS 432184).

Cumnock and Holmhead

Glaisnock Water railway viaduct (NS 572194).

Bank railway viaduct (NS 574206).

McCartney's engineering works.


Extensive lime working in parish.

Drumgirnan Bridge (NS 306042).

Aird Bridge (NS 293033).

Granite quarries for curling stones on Ailsa Craig.

Lighthouse on Ailsa Craig 1868 (NX 025998).


Lethanhill, deserted colliery village (NS 436104).


Bridgend worsted-spinning and hosiery mills (NS 297494).


Various lace mills (NS 569377, NS 562377).

Bleachworks (NS 565372).

Handloom weavers' cottages (NS 566375).


Cunninghamhead Mill (NS 373422).


Extensive lime working in parish.

Lime kilns at Lugton (NS 411528) and Gameshill (NS 408479).

Hapland Mill (NS 411491).


Waterside woolen mill (NS 486435).

Galston Landward

Barr Mill (NS 510368).

Girvan Burgh

Gasworks (NX 189980).

Girvan Landward

Bridge Mill (NX 189980).

Irvine Burgh

Cottage where Burns lived 1781-3.

Queen's Bridge railway viaduct (NS 312398).


Linen thread mills: Stonyholm (NS 317545); Dennyholm (NS 315543).

Glengarnock Ironworks (NS 324530).

Tannery (NS 320527).

Auchengree Foundry.

Kilmarnock Burgh

Vulcan Foundry (NS 424383).

Portland Foundry (NS 434373).

Caledonian Foundry (NS 424382).

GSWR engineering works.

Townholm Foundry (NS 433387).

Tannery (NS 430382).

Townholm Spinning Company's mills (NS 432384).

Bonded warehouses of John Walker & Sons (NS 428381).

New Mill (NS 438372).

Railway viaduct over Kilmarnock Water (NS 430382).

Kilmarnock Railway Station (NS 429381).

Kilwinning Landward

Horse gin at East Balgray farm (NS 360427).

Grain Mills:  Dalgarven (NS 297458); Sevenacres (NS 333443).


Handloom weavers' cottages in Kirkmichael and Crosshill.

Largs Burgh

Harbour 1834 (NS 201595).


Loudon Hill Viaduct (NS 602374).

Lochfield Farm, birthplace of Sir Alexander Fleming.


Snuff-box works:  Victoria Works of Andrew Kay & Co. (NS 498271).

Curling stone works of Andrew Kay & Co.

Ballochmyle Railway Viaduct (NS 508254).

Ballochmyle Creamery (NS 496254).

Maybole Burgh

Agricultural machinery works of Messrs Jack (NS 304103).

Leather working:  Ladywell Tannery (NS 298097); St. Cuthbert's Boot & Shoe factory (NS 303100).

Gasworks (NS 303098).

Maybole Landward

Dunure harbour 1811 (NS 254160).

Horse gin house at East Brockloch Farm (NS 298118).

Threshing mill at Beoch Farm (NS 296146).


Cairn at site of McAdam's tar kilns (NS 696255).

Bell pits (NS 6925)

Ironworks (NS 697268).

Workers' housing and institute (NS 696264).

Mining and ironworks village of Glenbuck.

New Cumnock

Old Mill (NS 617133).

Lime works at Craigdullyeart (NS 663153) and Benston (NS 581159).

Newmilns and Greenholm Burgh

Ladeside flour mill (NS 544371).

Pate's grain mill (NS 532371).

Lace mill, A & J Muir (NS 530370).

Railway viaduct (NS 540373).


Grain mill and Dye saw mill (NS 506215).

Tile works (NS 517206).

Old Cumnock Landward

Minor's houses at Skares (NS 528173).

Saltcoats Burgh

Harbour (NS 246408).

Engine house - Newcomen engine (NS 257413).


Extensive lime working in parish.

Blairmulloch lime works (NS 562281).

Lime kiln and bell pit near Shiel Farm (NS 562258).

Dalgain limeworks (NS 573262).

Catrine village 1786 (NS 528258).

The Crescent, Catrine (NS 533261).



Stewarton Burgh

Nether Robertland Mill (NS 424463).

Bridgend Mills (NS 422458).

Mills elsewhere (NS 417427, NS 422457, NS 420460, NS 421455 and NS 419462).

Annick Water Railway Viaduct (NS 417455).

Stewarton Landward

Handloom weavers' cottages at Cutstraw (NS 430451) and at Mid Cutstraw.


Tollhouse at Bogend (NS 397323).


Troon harbour; harbour office block (NS 311310).

West Kilbride

Sea Mill (NS 202472).

Sea Mill Bridge 1831.

List of sites abstracted by D. McClure, June 2000.

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