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A & J Taylor- group photograph

Further to this posting, see the article by Rob Close: J & A Taylor, Engineers, Ayr

Jan Munachen of Perth, Western Australia, has sent an old photo with the following request:
I have this old photo, which may be of some interest to you or some of your
members. I would also be interested in any information regarding the photo.
The round tablet in front reads
A & J Taylor
The wording is all clear except for the initials, but I'm fairly sure that
it's A & J
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Jan Munachen
Perth Western Australia

From Strawhorn's 'History of Ayr':
J & A Taylor established the Townhead Engine Works in 1848. Their foundry was still there in 1904, but it appears that the company folded during the great depression following the first world war.

If you have any information concerning this photograph, please reply to Ayrshire History.

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