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19th Century Photographers in Ayrshire: a preliminary list.


Corrected to 27 February, 2001

Copyright in this compilation belongs to Rob Close: no reproduction permitted without written authorisation.


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HADDOW & ARMOUR. ASH, Sa 12.2.1859, 1c. Messrs Haddow and Armour intimate to the people of Ochiltree that they are leaving next week.


HARROW, Thomas. KILMARNOCK. Advert in ASH 12.11.1859 - address, 18 Wellington Street, Kilmarnock: also in ASH 22.12.1860. Advertisement in KS 23.7.1870 that he has returned to Kilmarnock, and has opened a new photographic studio at the foot of John Finnie Street. A report from Kilmaurs in ASH 13.6.1857 states that that village is "at present favoured with a visit from Mr T Harrow".

Advert in ASH 27.6.1868 that Alexander Gilchrist (qv) has succeeded to "the business in Duke Street, so long carried on by Mr T Harrow, who has left town".

ASH 17.10.1868: Died Kilmarnock, aged 34, Marion Anderson, spouse of Thomas Harrow, photographer.

ASH, Sa 27.5.1871, 1f. Advert. T Harrow, foot of John Finnie Street, "has now completed his arrangements for producing pictures by Mr A D Constant’s new process".

ASH, SA 13.1.1872, 1b. Roup, today, in John Finnie Street, proceeding on a Sheriff’s Warrant, of property of Thomas Harrow: "a splendid photographic gallery, about 20 by 10, with drawing room and dark room attached; also a large receiving room, 14 by 13, with 2 large windows in front which could easily be converted into shops. Receiving room is nicely lined, slate roof, glass door, &c., &c., complete; a camera and lens on stand; [household effects]".

[and cf, fl 1870, HARROW & SONS, photographers, 22 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Their portrait of a William Cumming is in WRH, CS96/6878.]




HESS, Wilhelm. [ - 1933] At 2 Miller Place [2 Miller Road], AYR in 1888/89 Directory. Thereafter that address is his home address, and the studio address becomes 7 Killoch Place. Hess died on 26 March 1933, having been 46 years a photographer in the same premises. [Ayr Advertiser 30 March 1933]

Also listed at Ayr Road, CUMNOCK in 1892 Register. Not there in 1891, and cf. Ballantine. Advert in Cumnock Express 24.11.1893 gives address as Miller Road, with branch in Ayr Road, Cumnock.

Hess’s photograph of Deaf and Dumb Mission outing to Eglinton, 2 July 1898, used in Scots Pictorial 9.7.1898.


HOOD, John. Photographer, CATRINE. Advert in ASH 8.6.1861: has opened an establishment at his residence in Mill Square. Advertising in ASH 3.3.1866 as West of Scotland Photographic Copying Establishment, selling ‘12 full-sized copies of carte de visite for 32 postage stamps’. Listed as one of the witnesses in the Catrineshaw Right-of-way case, 1876. [AGN87]


HOWIE, BRUCE & FINDLAY. At John Finnie Street, KILMARNOCK in 1868 Directory. Partners are John Howie, James Bruce (q.v.) and Hugh Findlay. In 1872 Bruce alone trading from this address. Established c.1862: cf Bruce, and Booth.


HUMPHREY, John. [ - 1889] At 127 King Street, KILMARNOCK, in Directories from 1868 to 1887/88. Humphrey died on 20 March 1889, leaving an estate valued at £247. Address subsequently used by Adam McGregor. [Cf also Paton & Humphrey, at 123 King Street in 1865].

C1871 - 597 - 21 - 189, 127 King Street. John Humphrey, photographic artist, W,30, b Kilmarnock. Has son, 2, and also mother, W74, b Stranraer. KS, 15.4.1871: On 4.4.1871 he married Helen Boyle. In KS 13.5.1871 advertising a photographic gallery in King Street to let, and also has for sale photographic accessories.


HUNTER, Hugh. At Dalrymple Street, GIRVAN, in 1883 Carrick Directory ["photographer and spirit dealer"]


INGRAM, Andrew. At Newtonhead, NEWTON UPON AYR, in 1849/50 Ayr Directory. Listed as "dageurrotype artist". Earliest photographer in Ayrshire traced. He is presumably a relative of William Ingram, watchmaker, of same address, with business premises in Ayr. In the 1851 Census [C1851 612-7-53] is listed William Ingram’s son, Andrew Ingram, 21, watchmaker, born in Tarbolton.


JAMIESON, William. Eglinton Street, BEITH and STEWARTON [DBS ccdv]

ASH Sa 9.7.1870. Stewarton. reference to "very handsome photographic studio erected in Graham Terrace ... by Mr Jamieson, photographer, Beith, who is three days here in the week".


JOHNSTONE, J. Muirkirk. DBS, cdv, nd.


KELLES, Joseph. Itinerant photographer, fl 1864, when in Kilmarnock. See ref at John McIndoe.


KENNEDY, James. His photographs being displayed in the shop of Mr Gilfillan, painter, Ardrossan. [ASH 6.6.1857]. [Cf Walker]

ASH, 26.5.1860, thanks friends on Ardrossan, and promises to be there this season. ASH 30.6.1860: "James Kennedy respectfully intimates that he has now opened his new photographic studio, Princes Street, Ardrossan. 21st June 1860". ASH 30.10.1860, advertising ‘photographic miniature paintings’.

ASH, 28.7.1866. James Kennedy, photographer, died on 24 July 1866. His father was formerly Methodist minister in Paisley. [Is successor T S Muir, qv?]


KILMARNOCK PHOTOGRAPHIC CO. 46 King Street, Kilmarnock. Advert in ASH 10.10.1863. Advert in KWP 9.1.1864, 1d: Their motto is "never be satisfied with anything so long as better can be produced". Cf advert in KWP 23.9.1865 for A McGregor, Kilmarnock Photographic Gallery, 46 King Street.


KYLES, Elizabeth. See William Kyles.


KYLES, William. At 29 Newmarket Street, AYR, from 1880/81 to 1886/87. He died on 26 April 1886: his death notice in the Ayr Advertiser, 29 April 1886, says "late of Portobello". Mrs William Kyles, photographer, is then recorded from 1888/89 to 1892/93 as a photographer, and into the 20th Century at various private addresses. 29 Newmarket Street was previously used by A Larribau and subsequently by Thomas Maloni.

William Kyles is recorded in Portobello from the late 1860s.


LAMONT, G., DALRY. ASH 6.4.1867: James Stewart, junior, intends opening on 1.5.1867 that studio in New Street, Dalry, lately occupied by Mr G Lamont.


LARRIBAU, A. Recorded at 29 Newmarket Street, AYR in 1878/79 Directory. Premises subsequently used by William Kyles. Advert in Tu 4.9.1877, 4h, Monsieur Larribau, artist photographer from Paris; photographic studio now open ... ‘will be worked upon an entirely new process only known to himself; 29 Newmarket Street, opposite MacNeille Buildings’.


LEES, Harry. Ayr. Photograph of his, of Miller’s Folly, used to illustrate article on Ayr in Scots Pictorial, April 1898.


LIGAT, William. ASH 25.8.1860: Mr William Ligat, photographist, presently visiting Irvine. Ad in ASH 1.9.1860 that he has taken a place in J Gardner’s Temperance Hotel, High Street.


LITTLE, R. Kilmarnock. Working in Stewarton, August 1857. [KWP 29.8.1857]


LYMBURN, J. AYR. Photographs of his used to illustrate article on Carrick in Scots Pictorial, 1897.


McCAMLEY, Peter. At Garden Street, NEWTON UPON AYR in Ayr Directories 1870/71 and 1873/74.


McDONALD, William, GALSTON. "W McDonald, Bentinck Terrace, having erected and fitted up a suitable glass house for photographic purposes, he is now prepared to take portraits in any weather". [ASH 21.3.1857] Advert in KWP 11.4.1857, and short notice in KWP 18.4.1857.

In KWP 22.8.1857 advertises that "in virtue of a licence obtained, he is now producing Rembrandt alto relievo photographic portraits, greatly superior to those taken by the usual process." Quotes the cost of Rembrandts as 2s 6d upwards, normal portraits as 1s upwards. Advert in ASH 2.4.1859. In KWP 8.10.1859 advertised that he "will take views of buildings and pleasure grounds on moderate terms". Reference in KWP 21.5.1864 to premises having been enlarged. The business is advertised for sale in ASH 28.3.1868.


McGEACHIN, Hew. Cumnock. Advert in ASH 30.4.1864: call at his father’s shop, William McGeachin, ironmonger, The Square.


McGREGOR, Adam. In KWP 23.9.1865 A McGregor advertises Kilmarnock Photographic Gallery at 46 King Street, Kilmarnock. Adam McGregor at Robertson’s Land, King Street, KILMARNOCK in Directories 1868 and 1872, at 46 King Street [?same place?] in 1879 to 1887/88 Directories. In 1892/93 and 1895/97 Directories has two studios at 46 King Street, and 127 King Street: this latter previously used by John Humphrey. In 1898-1900 listed as A McGregor & Sons, with single studio at 46 King Street: 127 King Street occupied by W J Mack & Co. Advert in 1898-1900 Directory says of 46 King Street, "oldest photographic studios in Ayrshire - established 1863".

KS, Sa 19.1.1963, 3a: Commercial photography came to Kilmarnock 100 years ago. Adam McGregor, a great great great grandson of Rob Roy McGregor. His father came to Kilmarnock in the early 1800s as foreman in a calico printing business at the foot of Willie Mair’s Brae. H later became a partner. His son, Adam, started as a designer of calico but, aged 21, in 1863 he set up as a photographer, in premises in King Street/Mitchell Street - still a photographer’s shop. Adam McGregor died in 1895, and was succeeded in the business by his two sons, Adam († WW1) and James (†1946). The business then passed to the present owner, James Hamilton, who was a demobbed RAF photographer.


McINDOE, John. KWP 6.8.1864: Kilmarnock Police Court, on Monday, John McIndoe, itinerant photographer forfeited 10s on being found guilty of a charge of assaulting another itinerant photographer, Joseph Kelles, on 31.7.1864.


McKINLAY, Margaret. [c1824 - ]. At 176 High Street, AYR in 1861/62 and 1867/68 Directories: listed as "Mrs Joseph McKinlay, photographer". In 1861 Census [C1861 578-4-141] they are listed as Joseph McKinlay, 50, iron turner, born in Coylton, and his wife, Margaret, 37, photographer, also born in Coylton.


MACLAGAN & CO., 29 Newmarket Street, AYR. [DBS cdv] [? here prior to Larribau, or after Maloni]


MacMILLAN, James, Whitehall, MAYBOLE. Advertisement "photographer", in AA 5.1.1871, 1e.


McPHERSON, W P. At Ladyland, MAYBOLE. Listed in 1883 Carrick Directory.


MACK, W J & CO. At 127 King Street, KILMARNOCK, in 1898-1900 Directory. Premises previously used by Adam McGregor.


MACKAY, James M. Artist. Advert in KWP 14.3.1863: has opened photographic apartments at 47 Bank Street, Kilmarnock. Cartes de visite, &c. ccdv: singles 2/6d, 6 5s, 12 8s.


MALONI, Thomas. At 29 Newmarket Street, AYR, from 1894/95 Directory. Premises previously used by Mrs William Kyles.

AA 18.10.1900 4f: The following abridged description is specially drawn for the Ayr Advertiser by Messrs Hughes & Young, Patent Agents, 55 & 56 Chancery Lane, London WC, who will give advice and assistance free to our readers on all patent matters: - 3204 - Photography. Patentee: Mr T Maloni, Newmarket Street, Ayr, N.B. Relates to a stand for flash lights with igniting apparatus, reflectors, &c. The flash light powder is placed in cups, and all the separate portions are ignited simultaneously by wires on arms which are previously heated in bunsen flames. These arms are all fixed on a common axis, which is turned by the expansion of an air-bag acting on a lever. The bag is expanded by an ordinary pneumatic ball and tube. The frame, which is made of tubes, supports also reflectors, luminous jets, and translucent screens, the gas for the burners being supplied through the tubes of the framework.


MILLER, James P. Beith. In VR 1899-1900 proprietor of a photographic studio, Braehead, Beith.


MONNICKENDAM, Alexander. At 45 Sandgate [Street], AYR from 1894/95 Directory. Address previously used by Marshall Wane & Co. Advert in Cumnock Express 24.11.1893 (copy in AA, ATD 61/8/26/1): at 45 Sandgate St - for 9 years principal assistant to the late Mr Bara, and his successor.


MORTON, C. Morton Place, Kilmarnock. Advert in KWP 17.7.1858: new photographic processes on glass, leather or paper - has "commodious glass house."


MUIR, T S., Ardrossan Photographic Studio, 70 Princes Street, ARDROSSAN. Advert in ASH 1.9.1866. [Is this James Kennedy’s, †1866, premises??]


MURDOCH, Hugh. At 10 Beresford Terrace, AYR, from 1864/65 Directory to 1878/79. Studio subsequently used by Ambrose Bara, to whom Murdoch sold it in October 1879. [See Sasine Minute 8410 of 22.12.1879]

ASH 13.3.1869: The studio (a wooden erection) in Beresford Terrace of Mr Murdoch burnt down on Thursday night (11th March).

The Murdoch family is listed in the 1871 Census at 10 Beresford Terrace: C1871-578-5-191: Hugh Murdoch, m46, photographer, b. Muirkirk, spouse Jane, 35, born Cumnock, and 3 children, all born in Ayr, William 5, John 4, Janet 1.

Reference in CC 17.1.1902 implies that Murdoch died in America.


© Rob Close 2001

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