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19th Century Photographers in Ayrshire: a preliminary list.

Corrected to 27 February, 2001

Copyright in this compilation belongs to Rob Close: no reproduction permitted without written authorisation.


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NIMMO, James. 4 Barns Street, AYR. In 1900/01 and subsequent Ayr Directories.


PARKER, Alexander. NEWMILNS. ".. has erected a large glass house for photographic purposes in Newmilns". [ASH 2.5.1857]


PATON & HUMPHREY, 123 King Street. Advert in ASH 13.2.1864: 123 KS is to south of King Street UP Church. Advert, cartes de visite 7s a dozen, in KWP 25.3.1865.


PATERSON, James. Advert in ASH 7.3.1863: James Paterson, photographer, Greenhead, Kilwinning.


PATTERSON, J & T. IRVINE and KILWINNING. DBS cdv. Thomas Patterson listed at 54 Bridgegate, Irvine in [1891] Irvine Directory.

ASH 17.3.1877: J & T Paterson have opened a new studio at Bridgend, Kilwinning, "commanding an expanse of pure north light". Irvine studio is open Mon-Sat, Kilwinning Mon & Tues.

ASH 14.7.1877: "The Messrs Paterson, photographers, Irvine, have taken capital photographs of the regiment drawn up in review order, the tents, fir plantation, and C.C. Poorhouse forming a good background; and of the commissioned and non-commissioned officers in a group by themselves. Both plates are executed in a very artistic style".

ASH 7.1.1887: J & T Patterson, Irvine. Premises will be closed from 3.12.1886, pending the completion of their new studios.

PATTERSON, T. ASH 27.5.1887 T Patterson (late J & T Patterson) has opened new photographic studio, Bridgegate, Irvine.


PICKEN, J. ARDROSSAN and STEWARTON. Various addresses from DBS ccdv. Advert in ASH 9.2.1861: "Photography. John Picken, postmaster, Stewarton, is now prepared to take portraits in the most improved styles of the art, in all weathers, from 10 a.m. till dusk from sixpence upwards." A notice in same paper calls him ‘enterprising’.

ASH 4.7.1863: notice of John Picken, photographer, Stewarton, and his recent pictures of the Stewarton Quoiting Club.

ASH 3.3.1866: J Picken, photographer, Stewarton, has leased the studio belonging to Mr Wallace in Princes Street, Ardrossan, which will be open every Th, F, Sa w.e.f. 15.2.1866.

ASH, 20.9.1873: J Picken, 63 Princes Street, Ardrossan. Has secured exclusive rights for this area to patent process for finishing portraits of Henry Vander Weyde, London.

ASH, Sa 6.5.1876. To let, studio in Ardrossan which belonged to Picken & Son. [see also Robinson]

[Note also KH F 5.1.1883, 3e: The photographic studio in Rigg Street (Stewarton) has been converted into Stewarton Coffee House, and was formally opened last Thursday]

RAE, James. At 9 Cromwell Place, AYR, in 1876/77 Directory. Premises previously used by David Campbell and Mrs Campbell, and subsequently by Ambrose Bara. See also Scott.

DBS nd cdv ‘Rae Fort Ayr’ with on reverse ‘Rae late Campbell, Cromwell Place, Fort, Ayr’. DBS also has nd cdv ‘James Rae Dumfries, 2 Stonewall Place Queen Street Dumfries and King Street, Castle Douglas, Arthur Place, Lockerbie and Cromwell Place, Fort, Ayr’.


REID, David. Sas Abridgement 6989, of 8.8.1884 refers to "David Reid, sometime photographer, Ayr, now engineer, residing at Hawkhill".


REID, William. At 13 High Street, AYR in 1867/68 to 1878/79 Directories. Must have died c.1878: Sasine Minute 5580 of 1878 refers to him as "sometime lastmaker in Ayr, thereafter photographer, residing at 13 High Street".


ROBINSON, R. ASH, 17.6.1876. R Robinson has acquired the Ardrossan business of J Picken & Son.

ASH 7.7.1877. Advert. "R Robinson, artist and photographer, 65 Princes Street. (5 yeras artist to Mr Fergus). R.R. having purchased the negatives taken by the late firm of Picken & Son, copies from these negatives can be supplied at any time".

ASH 27.5.1887: 17 Princes Street, ARDROSSAN. Established 20 years. Similarly worded advert in ASH 29.6.1888.


SCOTT, Miss. Single entry in 1876/77 Ayr Directory (in general list): "Miss Scott, at Rae’s Photographic Studio".


SCOTT, Walter J. 9 Montgomerie Terrace, Ardrossan. Advert in ASH 24.11.1899: use of photographs as Christmas cards.

A daughter was born at 9MT on 16.7.1896 [AA, Th 23.7.1896, 8f]


SEMPLE, Charles. KILMARNOCK. In March 1857 in Mauchline, as part of a "professional tour through Ayrshire." His photographs are "so moderate in price as to be within the reach of all". KWP 21.3.1857. At Waterloo Street, Kilmarnock, by July 1858 - advert in KWP 17.7.1858, "portraits 1s and upwards." KWP 1.1.1859: "Lockets, brooches and bracelets filled with portraits."

KWP 18.9.1858: "Instances of the useful and appropriate purposes to which photography is put are daily occurring": group photographs of the workforce at Kilmarnock Forge have been taken by Charles Semple.

KWP 28.12.1861: W WILSON, qv, working from Tankardhall Brae premises "formerly occupied by Mr Semple".


SMITH, Joseph. Helen Wilson, wife of Joseph Smith, photographer, failed to appear before Kilmarnock Police Court on 18.9.1865 to answer charge of assault. See KWP 23.9.1865.


SPROAT, R Carlisle. Ayr. [Not a professional photographer]. Photographs used in Scots Pictorial 30.7.1898; 24.9.1898.


STEWART, James, junior, photographer, DALRY. Advert in ASH 6.4.1867: James Stewart, junior, intends opening on 1.5. that studio in New Street, Dalry, lately occupied by Mr G Lamont.



Advert in ASH 30.6.1877: Artist and photographer, Glasgow and Ardrossan. Has opened a brnach establishment at 70 Princes Street, Ardrossan. "he would call special attention to his instantaneous portraits of children by the ‘Baby Lens’".


TANNOCK, William. At 4 Grange Street, KILMARNOCK. This well-known Kilmarnock artist placed a ‘card’ advertising "photography" in the Kilmarnock Weekly Post of 15 November 1856 and is listed as an "artist-photographer" in the 1868 and 1872 Directories. See also notice in KWP 6.12.1856 of photographs by Tannock executed on the collodion or negative process.


TERRAS, Mary Jane. See Robert Terras.


TERRAS, Robert. At 42 Sandgate [Street], AYR in 1894/95 and 1896/97 Directories. He died on 7 June 1897 at Markinch, Fife, where his father, John Terras, was also a photographer. He came to Ayr as principal assistant to Marshall Wane & Co. After his death, Mrs Robert Terras [Mary Jane Craig or Terras] is then listed in the 1898/99 and subsequent Directories at the same address.


TURNBULL & MAINDS. At 14 Dundonald Road, KILMARNOCK, in 1892/93 Directory. Mainds appears to be James G Mainds, of that address. Succeeded by Turnbull & Sons, at that address in 1895/97 and 1898-1900 Directories.


WALKER, James. Appears to be a travelling photographer. Has advert in ASH 28.2.1857 to the effect that he has again visited Ardrossan, and that specimens are on view in the shop of Mr Gilfillan, painter [cf J Kennedy]


WALKER J N. At 45 Newmarket Street, AYR in Directories from 1873/74 to 1880/81; at 45 Newmarket Street and 43 Sandgate (Street) in 1882/83 and 1884/85, and at 43 Sandgate alone in 1886/87. Advert (45 Newmarket Street, opposite P.O.) in AO, Tu 4.9.1877, 4h. His name is not found in the 1888/89 Directory [at this time 43 Sandgate is being used by Marshall Wane], but he reappears, at 43 New Road, NEWTON UPON AYR, in the 1890/91 Directory. He is then found at 233 High Street in the 1892/93 and 1894/95 Directories. Thereafter he appears as a private resident only, at 14 or 16 Elmbank Street, Newton upon Ayr, which had been his private address since c.1890.


WALLACE, J. ASH 21.7.1860: J Wallace, Nautical Warehouse and Observatory, Princes Street. has just completed his Photograph Rooms". ASH 3.3.1866: J Picken, Stewarton (qv) has leased the studio belonging to Mr Wallace in Princes Street, Ardrossan.


WALLACE, Robert. Making photographic portraits in Fenwick, 1856: KWP 20.12.1856, which also notes them as being "well worthy of being treasured up as faithful family portraits."


WANE, Marshall, of 10 Alloway Place, AYR. Appears as "Marchell Wane" at 10 Alloway Place and 43 Sandgate (Street) in the 1888/89 Directory. In 1890/91, Marshall Wane & Allan [John Allan, q.v.] are trading from the same address, and in 1892/93 the name is given as Marshall Wane & Co. Not traced in 1894/95 Directory: 43 Sandgate [renumbered 45] is occupied by Alex Monnickendam. See also Robert Terras.


WATSON, John. At John Finnie Street, KILMARNOCK, in 1872 Directory.

C1871 - 597 - 22 - 97, 15 High Glencairn Street. John Watson, W41, photographer, b. Campsie. Has dau of 17 and son of 13 b Glasgow, and son 11 daughter 9 and son 4 born Kilmarnock.


WHITE, G. ASH 23.3.1861: Mr G White, photographic artist, has opened his photographic establishment at Mrs Cochrane’s, Main Street, Dalry.


WHITE AND BREWSTER. KWP 18.9.1858: Advert - photographs of Grand National Archery and Bowling Meeting at Eglinton in High Street, Ayr, gallery of "the celebrated artists" Messrs White and Brewster.

 AA 21.4.1859, 5d: "Photography. White & Brewster beg to intimate that their Portrait Gallery is now open for the season, and they hope to have the same amount of encouragement during their Fourth Season that they havehitherto been privileged to enjoy. Gallery - 135 High Street, Ayr (Old Union Bank Buildings)." [See also James Brewster]


WHYTE, John Henry. ASH, F16.9.1887. Irvine JP Court. 2 photographers in a booth at Templehill, Troon, on Tuesday - John Henry Whyte and his assistant Edward Brodie - offered a group photo at 1/-, and then demanded 3/- for the picture. Their victim was Alexandria Jamieson, spouse of Thomas Marwick, Edinburgh, architect. A fracas ensued, and at JP court on Wednesday, Whyte and Brodie were each given 30 days imprisonment.


WILSON, John. Rigg Street and/or Avenue Square, STEWARTON [DBS ccdv]


WILSON, W. KWP 28.12.1861 and ASH 28.12.1861: "Photographing. W Wilson begs to intimate that he is taking portraits, daily, at Tankardhall Brae, in the premises formerly occupied by Mr Semple. Kilmarnock. 20 December 1861".


WRIGHT, --. Kilwinning. ASH 2.7.1859 ref to Mr Wright, an enterprising photographer, who has been located in this place [Kilwinning] for the past 2 months, and who has been very successful.


WYLIE, James. KH 22.4.1892: married at Beith, 13.4.1892, James Wylie, photographer, and Margaret, d2 of late John Hamilton.


© Rob Close 2001

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