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Index of Ayrshire Roads Trustees 1767 to 1805


In the course of research for Tolls and Tacksmen:  Eighteenth Century Roads in the County of John Loudon McAdam (Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1994), I compiled a database of attendances at general meetings of roads trustees for the period 1767 to 1805.  This spanned the Ayrshire Roads Trust for the period of the 1767 and 1774 Ayr Roads Acts.  This index is a summary list of the names in that database.

'Names' is the operative word.  One individual may have appeared under more than one name in the sederunts of general meetings of the period.  Thus William Cuninghame of Auchenskeith attended at other times as Sir William Cuninghame of Robertland.  Hugh Montgomerie yor. of Coylsfield will also be found as Hugh Montgomerie of Skelmorlie; later he became 12th Earl of Eglinton.

The converse may also have occurred - a single name may represent more than one individual.  In some cases I have added (1), (2) etc to distinguish individuals.

David McClure, September 2000