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Index of Ayrshire Roads Trustees 1767 to 1805

Montgomerie to Wilson

Montgomerie of Annick, Alexander
Montgomerie of Bogston
Montgomerie of Coilsfield, Alexander
Montgomerie of Coilsfield, Hugh (2) yor.
Montgomerie of Craighouse, Robert
Montgomerie of Craighouse, Robert (2) yor.
Montgomerie of Eglinton, Alexander, 10th Earl
Montgomerie of Eglinton, Archibald, 11th Earl
Montgomerie of Eglinton, Hugh, 12th Earl
Montgomerie of Lainshaw, Walter, Sir
Montgomerie of Minoch, Colonel Archibald
Montgomerie of Skelmorlie, Hugh, Colonel
Montgomerie of Stair, Alexander
Montgomerie of Stair, Archibald
Montgomerie, John, Ayr
Morris of Craig, Robert
Muir of Blairston, Robert (2)
Muir of Bruntwood, Alexander
Muir of Caldwell, William, Baron of Exchequer
Murdoch, John, Ayr Provost
Murdoch, John, Sheriff Substitute of Ayrshire
Neill of Barnweil, James (2)
Neill of Shaw, James
Neill of Shaw, James (2)
Neill of Shaw, James,yor.(2)
Newall of Dalleagles, Adam Crauford
Newall of Polquhairn, Adam Crauford
Newton of Kirkbride, William
Nimmo, John, Ayr Provost
Orr of Burrowfield, John
Oswald of Auchencruive, Richard Alexander
Oswald of Castlemains, James, Capt.
Oswald of Changue, Alexander, Advocate
Park of Langlands, William, Dr.
Parker, Hugh, Eldest Baillie of Kilmarnock
Parker, John, Eldest Baillie of Kilmarnock
Paterson of Braehead, William, Writer Kilmarnock
Paterson of Pinhannet, James, Dr.
Patrick of Treehorn, John
Patrick of Waterside, John
Ralston of Ralston, Gavin (2)
Rankine of Drumdow, Macorn
Redfearn of Gadgirth
Reid of Adamton, Robert
Reid of Seabank, Robert
Ritchie of Busby
Ritchie of Busby, James
Robertson of Trochrig, William Boyd
Rodgers of Glaisnock, John Stevenson
Ross of Kerse, Hugh
Shaw of Dunaskin, John
Shaw of Greenock, John Stewart
Shaw, Charles, Ayr Provost
Sheriff Depute of Ayrshire
Smith of Drongan, Mungo
Smith of Swinridgemoor, John
Snodgrass of Cuninghamhead, John
Snodgrass of Cuninghamhead, Neil
Somervell of Sorn, William
Steel of Dalmore, John
Steel of Gadgirth, John
Steel, John, Minister at Stair
Stevenson of Dalgain, John
Stewart of Greenock, Shaw
Stewart of Kirkwood, Charles
Stewart of Lochrig, Matthew, Capt.
Stewart of Stair, Alexander
Taylor of Blackhouse, John
Taylor of Blackhouse, John,yor.
Taylor of Nethermains, John
Thomson of Daljarrock, Robert
Walker of Middleton, Alexander
Wallace of Cairnhill, Thomas (2)
Wallace of Craigie, Thomas, Sir
Wallace of Holmston, Robert
Wallace of Holmston, Robert Paterson
Wallace of Sauchrie, William
Warner of Ardeer, Patrick
Whitefoord of Dinduff, James
Whitefoord of Whitefoord, John, Sir
Wilson, John, Eldest Baillie of Kilmarnock

David McClure, September 2000

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