Seagate castle, Irvine
Maryborough salt pan houses
weavers' cottages in Crosshill

Ayrshire Notes

Culzean coach house
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Ayrshire Notes is published by the Ayrshire Archæological & Natural History Society in association with the Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies.


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No. 48 Autumn 2014

No. 47 Spring 2014

No. 46, Autumn 2013

No. 45, Spring 2013

No. 44 Autumn 2012

No. 43, Spring 2012

No. 42, Autumn 2011

No. 41, Spring 2011

No. 40, Autumn 2010

No. 39, Spring 2010

No. 38, Autumn 2009

No. 37, Spring 2009
No. 36, Autumn 2008 No. 35, Spring 2008 No. 34, Autumn 2007
No. 33, Spring 2007 No. 32, Autumn 2006 No. 31, Spring 2006

No. 30, Autumn 2005

No. 29, Spring 2005 No. 28, Autumn 2004

No. 27, Spring 2004

No. 26, Winter 2003 No. 25, Autumn 2003
No. 24 Spring 2003 No. 23, Autumn 2002 No. 22, Spring 2002
No. 21, Autumn 2001 No. 20, Spring 2001 No. 19, Autumn 2000
No. 18, Spring 2000 No. 17, Autumn 1999 No. 16, Spring 1999
No. 15, Autumn 1998 No. 14, Spring 1998 No. 13, Autumn 1997
No. 12, Spring 1997 No. 11, Autumn 1996  
No. 48, Autumn 2014

download pdf ( 1.3MB)

Six Ayrshire Agricultural Medals by Valerie Stewart and G. Michael Hitchon

Seeing the Light: Illuminating Saints at Crossraguel Abbey by James Brown

Alexander Sloan MP, My Great-Grandfather by Esther Clark

More Important than Life and Death by Neil Dickson

Rob's Book Club

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 47, Spring 2014

download pdf (0.8MB)

Kilmarnock War Memorial by Ola Smith

The Sad Case of Hugh Ross, Vintner in Ballantrae by Jane Jamieson

From Dalry to the Faeroes: William Gibson Sloan by Óli Jacobsen

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies Notices

Another Millport/Great Barrier Reef Expedition (1928-1929) Link by Geoff Moore

Rob's Book Club

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 46, Autumn 2013

download pdf (3.7MB)

Largs to Brisbane: Tragic Voyage of the Southern Cross by David Hutchison

Loch Doon Seaplane Base

The Montgreenan Milestones by David Courtney McClure

Notes and Queries

Rob's Book Club

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 45, Spring 2013

download pdf (0.98MB)

Ayrshire Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography by Neil Dickson

Lord Rothschild at Millport (1937-1957), memories and legacies by Geoff Moore

Gladys Bastin (1894-1960): The Ayrshire connections of a noted English female golfer by Graham Lomas

William Peebles, William McGill, and Robert Burns by Ralph Stewart

G. B. & K. by David L Smith

Book Reviews

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 44, Autumn 2012

download pdf (1.34MB)

Captain James Little of Saltcoats: On Saving Lives & a Life Fully Lived

The Mystery of "Peter Whannell alias Buchanan"

Newton upon Ayr: An Effective Democracy

Six Ayrshire Agricultural Medals

The Glasgow Ayrshire Society

Rob's Book Club

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 43, Spring 2012

download pdf ( 1.71MB)

The Tradition of Collecting Eggs from the Whitelee Gulls' Hags in the 20th Century

A Distinguished Son of Ayrshire: John W. Mackail (1859-1945)

Major Alexander Martin and Lieutenant John Leavach: nineteenth-century military heroism and Clyde marine natural history

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

No. 42, Autumn 2011

download pdf (988KB)

A Charter of Keres

We're all doomed: A contemporary dystopic view of the industrial revolution

The Story of "Braidley Eminent"

The Finnie Kettle

Rob's Book Club

Book Reviews

No. 41, Spring 2011

download pdf (951KB)

Janet Little and the Burns Connection

Archibald Finnie and Sons, of Kilmarnock, Coalmasters

Ayrshire Cattle Overseas

A Nineteenth Century Ayr Character

Negro Mauled by a Lion

Rob's Book Club

No. 40, Autumn 2010

download pdf (742 KB)

Jean Kennedy 1934-2010

Notes on a Journey from Irvine to Bath in 1789

Conservation of the VIC 32 Boiler at the Scottish Maritime Museum

The Birmingham Affair of 1883

Alex Frew - Kilmarnock's Springbok Captain

Robert Thom 1774-1847

Rob's Book Club: an occasional series

Ayrshire Archives Burns Monument Centre, Kilmarnock

Over fork over

New Project digs around Kilmarnock's exciting past

Black Willie

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

No. 39, Spring 2010

download pdf (560 KB)

John Johnstone: The 'Harry Patch' of Trafalgar

'Lord Nelson': a poem by John Johnston

Ayrshire Archives Branches Out

Black Friday: the east coast fishing disaster of 1881

Lilias Hamilton, 1858-1925

Edinburgh Gazette

Rob's Book Club: an occasional series

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

Robert Bryden Exhibition

No. 38, Autumn 2009

download pdf (654 KB)

Ayrshire Placenames: a rich seam still to mine

Old Fingerposts in Ayrshire

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

Rob's book Club: am occasional series

Etymology of Parish Names in the OSA

No. 37, Spring 2009

download pdf (3.2MB)

Old Rome: Hiding Burns to Hidden Hamlet

William Hamilton of Ladyland: Captain in the Scottish Navy

Gordon Killicoat 1921-2008

The Poor Harvest of 1782 as reported in the OSA

Kilmarnock and District Choral Union

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

A Burns Supper in Kilbirnie 1906

Rob's Book Club: an occasional series

Collection of Medallions by Robert Bryden

Preserving Scotland's Rich Milestone heritage

No. 36, Autumn 2008

download pdf (3.2MB)

John Houston (1913-1985) - cover illustration, note, and illustration on contents page

The Girvan Clique: Ayrshire golf in 1751

School Inspection Records

Memories of the War Years

General George Smith Patton III (1885-1945)

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies (notices)

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies

Rob's Book Club: an occasional series

No. 35, Spring 2008

download pdf (1.3MB)

'Two Bottles of Guffs Fly and Scab Oil': Some Nineteenth Century Letters from Demerara to Mauchline

Adam Brown Todd (1822-1915)

John Baird's Garden Plan of 1881

Civic Society Rexcues Antiquarian Library Books

Audio Trail of Largs

Call for Information: Lord Howard de Walden

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies (notices)

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies March to May 2008

No. 34, Autumn 2007

download pdf (782KB)

The 1832 Cholera Epidemic in Ayr

Dumfries House Saved at the 11th Hour

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies (notices)

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies September 2007 to May 2008

No. 33, Spring 2007

download pdf (558KB)

A Family of Photographers

James McAdam and the Loss of Waterhead

A Letter from Auchinleck to Canada

For Services Rendered

The Carrick Shore Land

The Story of the Development of an Arran Village

Short Notices (Scottish Collieries;

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies (notices)

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies April to June 2007

No. 32, Autumn 2006

download pdf (2.02MB)

Baltersan and Killochan: a glance at architectural quirks

Rev. Robert Jaffray (1747-1814), Minister of Gallows Knowe Church, Kilmarnock

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Real Ayr Connection

Fergushill Tileworks - a short-lived industrial concern on the Eglinton Estate

Short Notices: Edmonston CDs, Annals of Alloway, Servants in Ayrshire

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies [notices]

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies September 2006 to June 2007

No. 31, Spring 2006

download pdf (713KB)

James McAdam: Waterhead to Whitefoord

The Baron of Buchlyvie

Social Mobility in Victorian Scotland

Dalrymple scouts

'Some Entries in a Farmer's Book about the Close of Last Century'

Cyclists' Touring Club 'Danger Boards'

Book Notes

What the Postman Saw

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies [notices]

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies April to May 2006

No. 30, Autumn 2005

download pdf (380KB)

The passing of the Handloom Weaver: Memories of Bygone Days in Ayrshire

Lord Justice Sir Anthony McCowan (1928-2003)

Index to Ayrshire Notes 1 to 30

No. 29, Spring 2005

download pdf (369KB)

The story of Adam Reid recounted through letters and diaries

This moving account of the short life of the devout Adam Reid is the sole article in this issue.

No. 28, Winter 2004

download pdf (1.1MB)

Ayrshire Stallion Leaders

Deerness Covenanter Memorial

Drowned while hunting with his otter-hounds

Scotland's Churches Scheme

Norris McWhirter

Historic Milestones

No. 27, Spring 2004

download pdf (1.77MB)

Monkton and Prestwick Parish Church: building specification and correspondence concerning the building of this church, which commenced in October 1834.

Quintin McAdam's Dalmellington Bypass and Bryce Macquiston's Map

The Covenanter's Prophet (Alexander Peden)

'There's credit here for ev'ry soul (a poem by John Lapraik concerning a modern problem)

Book Notices

No. 26, Winter 2003

download pdf (925KB)

Two Hundred Years of the Ayr Advertiser

This special edition of Ayrshire Notes is devoted to a long article on the history of this'venerable and estimable' local newspaper, with 16 illustrations.

No. 25, Autumn 2003

download pdf (754KB)

The Bequest of Captain John Smith

J & A Taylor, Engineers, Ayr

The Mercury Safety Air Gas Company Ltd

Reminiscences of Kildonan House, Barrhill

Alexander Waters, mason and builder, Sundrum

William Murdoch - The Man Who Lit the World

National Monuments Record of Scotland - Mapped and Online

Hunky Dory

Book Reviews

David R Boswell, My Very Dearest Sweetheart - Boswell before Boswell - Letters of The Lady Elizabeth Boswell (1704 to 1711, and 1733)

Frank Beattie, Kilmarnock Memories

Martin Bellamy, Millport and the Cumbraes

Andrew Strathern and Pamela J Stewart, Minorities and Memories: Survivals and Extinctions in Scotland and Western Europe

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies - Notices

Diary of Meetings of Societies September 2003 - May 2004

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No. 24, Spring 2003

download pdf (847KB)

Old Kilwinning Town and the biography of Robert Morrison

Thomas Duncan, Electrical Engineer - a pioneer inventor

'Our Iron King' - James Baird of Cambusdoon

Book Reviews

Michael Moss, The 'Magnificent Castle' of Culzean and the Kennedy Family

Jean F Stoddart, Barbieston: The Story of an Ayrshire Hamlet

Diary of meetings of Historical Societies April to May 2003

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No. 23, Autumn 2002

download pdf (553KB)

Finlayson Arms, Coylton 

"She weeps o'er the trinkets he gave her"

Sawney Bean: Myth or Myth

The Auld Kirk, Beith

Hugh Miller, 1802-1856, Geologist and Writer: His Links with 19th Century Girvan

Lieutenant Robert Shankland: Ayr's Supreme Hero

Book Review:  Ronald Brash, Ayr St Columba: The Church on Midton Road 1902-2002

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No. 22, Spring 2002

download pdf (768KB)

Richard Oswald of Auchincruive

"our friend poor Oswald is no more"  George Oswald, younger son of Richard Oswald of Auchincruive, died of consumption in Toulouse in March 1763.  The writer Laurence Sterne (1713-1768) was with him at the end, and recorded his passing in letters to Richard Oswald and his business partner, John Mill.

Hugh Pollock: The First Mr Enid Blyton - An Update

Sawney Bean, Scotland's Cannibal King

The Kilmarnock Junior Flute Band

Book Review:  Jean Aitchison, Servants in Ayrshire.  Review by Rob Urquhart.

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No. 21, Autumn 2001

The Cumnock Poaching Riot of 1833

Robert Stirling's Air Engine

Stinchar Bridge, Colmonell

Hugh Pollock:  The First Mr Enid Blyton

Book Notes:

 Hugh Douglas, Jacobite Spy Wars:  Moles, Rogues and Treachery

Rob Close, The Street Names of Ayr.  Review by David B. Smith.

Hugh Douglas and Michael J. Stead, The Flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies:  notices.

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies September 2001 to May 2002.

Have you Scanned yet?  About the SCAN website,

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No. 20, Spring 2001

A Tour of Irvine old Parish Kirkyard

An Eighteenth Century Tearaway

The Mysterious Death of Sir Alexander Boswell

A Kilmarnock 'Soiled Dove'

Scotland's Churches Scheme

Book Notes (Rev. Robert Stirling DD, Whispers of Horse Island, Beith Supplement and Advertiser, Burns Country, Clyde Coast Picture Palaces)

Ras al Kaimah

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No. 19, Autumn 2000

download pdf (restored from old file)

Kilkerran Pyroligneous Acid Works 1845 to 1945

The King of Fanning Island (additional information following earlier article in Ayrshire Notes No. 18)

Annbank in 1863

Eglinton Tournament

War Memorials

The Dalmellington Volunteers

Sea-Bathing at Ardrossan

Limekiln at Kersepark

Auchinleck House

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No. 18, Spring 2000

Auchinleck House 

A Millennium Story: The King of Fanning Island 

Mill Street, Ayr 

Old Fingerposts in Ayrshire 

A Traveller's View of the Ayrshire Coast in 1758 

Kilmarnock Gas Works 

Short Notices

Kilmarnock: Aspects of Local History 2 

Galston Parish Church; An Historical Synopsis 

Kirkmichael Churchyard - Monumental Inscriptions 

Straiton Churchyard - Monumental Inscriptions 

Diary of Meetings March - May 2000 

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No. 17, Autumn 1999

download pdf (395KB)

W G Walker & Co. (Ayr): A Company History to 1945

A Newmilns poisoning case

Growth and Grace

The riot at Deans Mill: A disturbance in Maybole, 1831

An 18th-Century Inventory of Kilhenzie Castle

Sweet Bargany House

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

Swap Shop

Conference 2000

Barbara Graham

Diary of Meetings of Historical Societies in Ayrshire 1999-2000

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No. 16, Spring 1999

Marion Paul Aird revisited

McClymont and Dunlop: Water-powered sawmills on the Girvan

Sail gives way to steam

Alexander Smith: A forgotten poet

Alexander Jack and Sons, Maybole

Rival gasworks in Newmilns

Jim Moffat (1918-1998)

Book Review: Robert Burns The Tinder Heart, by Hugh Douglas

Notes and Queries

An Admiralty Court in Ayr

Ayr street names

Kilmarnock Gas Works

Early stone drain in a Monkton garden

Diary of Meetings March - April 1999

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No. 15, Autumn 1998

Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies

Ayrshire Archives

Suffragettes 'carry the torch' in Ayr and Prestwick

James Boswell's Address to the King

Two extant bridges of John and James Rutherford

A customs raid on Arran distillers

Ayr Horse Market

Belfast excursionists visit Ayr

Publications of Largs and District Historical Society

Out of the blue: McAdam's house in Penrith

Book Reviews

Historic Ayr: A Guide for Visitors

The Encyclopædia of Scottish Executions 1750 to 1963

The Hearth Tax for Ayrshire 1691

Ayrshire Archives: Accessions 1997-7

Diary of Meetings 1998-9

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No. 14, Spring 1998

download pdf (2.7 MB)

How the carpenters of Saltcoats and West Kilbride gave the press-gang the slip

Marion Paul Aird, authoress, 1815-1888

Rebels on Ailsa Craig, 1746

John Barr, Ardrossan, 1798-1884: The Late Provost Barr

Seaweed processing in the West of Scotland

Pigot's Directory and Captain Armstrong's Map of Ayrshire

Minute Books of the Ayrshire Commissioners of Supply

Two Mock Doors in Portico: The sequestration in 1821 of James McCall & Co,. contractors for the County Buildings, Ayr

The Hearth Tax of Ayrshire, 1691: a new publication

Ayrshire Sound Archive

Proposed Stirlingshire Federation

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No. 13, Autumn 1997

Three letters of the Rev. John Barclay

The AANHS: Reflections on its past and future

John Strawhorn (obituary)

Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean

A father of the Ayrshire iron industry

Tobacco pipe manufacture in 1858

The National Burials Indexing Project

New books about Ayrshire:

Margaret H. B. Sanderson, Ayrshire and the Reformation: People and Change, 1490-1600, (Tuckwell Press 1997).

Kenneth Simpson ed., Love and Liberty: Robert Burns A Bicentenary Conference (Tuckwell Press 1997)

Ayr Auld Kirk: Monumental Inscriptions (Troon and District FHS 1997).

Rhona Wilson, Old Catrine and Sorn (Stenlake Publishing 1997)

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No. 12, Spring 1997

The disputed location of Muirkirk Toll

A different kind of sportsman

To attendance and bleeding

Nether Catrine house

New books about Ayrshire

John E. Dolan and Miles K. Oglethorpe, Explosives in the Service of Man (RCAHMS, 1996).

Reflections of Beith and District: "On the Wings of Time" (Beith High Church Youth Group, 1996).

Guthrie Hutton, Mining - Ayrshire's Lost Industry (Stenlake Publishing, 1996).

Muirkirk, Ayrshire:  An Industrial Landscape (RCAHMS).

Alexander McRobbie, A Priviliged Boyhood (Stenlake Publishing, 1996)

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No. 11, Autumn 1996

Child of the sun [concerning the slave Scipio Kennedy at Culzean]

Principal Officers of Ayrshire Commissioners of Supply

Gas works in Ayrshire

Finding out about Ayrshire.  10:  "The Collections"

A walk to Ayr, 1792

New books about Ayrshire

John Smith of Dalry Part 2 [see AANHS Ayrshire Monographs]

Old Girvan:  A Pictorial History (9 videotapes).

The Parish Church of Stewarton 1696-1966

Scottish Archives Vol. 1 (Scottish Records Association, 1995)

Irene Hughson, The Auchenharvie Colliery:  An Early History (Stenlake Publishing, 1995)

David Pettigrew, Old Muirkirk and Glenbuck (Stenlake Publishing, 1996)

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